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Are there any coverage options for private surgical procedures?2023-01-02T21:48:49-07:00

There may be limited coverage options to assist with the cost of your private surgical treatment.

Private surgical consultation and treatment expenses are tax-deductible when the expenses exceed 3% of your total income. It is best to contact an accountant for assistance with tax matters.

‘Best Doctors Canada’ may cover a portion of the fees incurred from pursuing private surgical treatment. A pre-approval request is to be submitted before receiving treatment. ‘Best Doctors Canada’ will then provide a letter outlining the available coverage.

What is the cost of a private consultation and surgery?2020-12-18T12:09:56-07:00

Cost varies depending on the type of procedure that is being performed. Please contact our team today to learn more about pricing and the financing options that may be available.

What questions should I have prepared for my Gateway consultation?2020-12-11T10:06:46-07:00
  1. Why is the surgery performed out-of-province?
  2. Am I healthy enough to travel before and after surgery?
  3. Is it reasonable to perform the surgery I need in a non-hospital setting?
  4. Do the healthcare professionals at the destination surgery location have the same expertise found in a conventional hospital setting?
  5. Is the quality of care in an out-of-province or non-hospital surgery center comparable to the care provided in a hospital?
  6. Does your surgeon have tips for traveling home shortly after surgery?
    • Coordinating the travel.
    • Timing of medications during travel.
    • Using slings, braces, crutches, and wheelchairs during travel.
    • Proper wound care and the prevention of blood issues during travel.
    • Nutritional tips during travel to minimize nausea and dehydration.
What about surgical complications?2021-11-16T11:15:13-07:00

Complications from surgery are rare, but should they happen; you have peace of mind knowing that Gateway can help you navigate these complications. Post operative appointments with your Gateway Surgeon are included in the cost of surgery. Our team, including orthopaedics surgeons, primary care physicians, physiotherapists and concierge staff are committed to providing a full Circle of Care including support to help you navigate post operative complications.

Where do the surgeries happen?2020-10-23T12:05:20-06:00

Surgeries happen at several accredited surgical facilities, including hospitals and non-hospital centers. The destination is chosen based on a combination of factors:

  • Patient preference
  • Type of surgery needed
  • Facility availability
How do I know that the referred surgeon will be qualified to help me?2020-10-23T12:04:38-06:00

Gateway only engages top-tier, currently practicing and accredited surgeons, physicians, physiotherapists, and nurses, to provide your care. We are committed to delivering care by the best medical professionals available. Learn more about our team here.

How is a Gateway consultation different from a consultation with a surgeon in the public health system?2020-12-18T20:26:21-07:00

The assessment you will undergo at Gateway is an enhancement over the type of consultations available to patients in the Public Health System. There are two reasons for these enhancements:

  1. Unique information is needed when considering traveling for surgery and/or having surgery in a private facility.

  2. We want you to have greater access to your entire care team when you come to Gateway for private or out-of-province surgery.

During your journey with Gateway, our team will support you and provide you with our full Circle of Care, including:

  • Surgeon ​
  • Primary Care Physician​
  • Physiotherapist​
  • Nurse​
  • Surgical and Patient Care Coordinators

You will have ample time to ask questions of all team members during your appointments. This approach allows you to understand the care offered at Gateway and provides opportunities to discuss questions regarding your Private Health Care journey.

What are the advantages of using Gateway for my medical care?2020-12-18T12:07:07-07:00

Gateway provides patients with a full Circle of Care, from the first phone call to post-operative rehabilitation. Our multidisciplinary team consists of orthopaedic surgeons, a primary care physician, a physiotherapist, a licensed practical nurse, and knowledgeable administrative staff.

Following your surgery, an orthopaedic surgeon, primary care physician, and care team are accessible to you. The Gateway team provides comprehensive follow up care and assists with your post-operative rehabilitation.

Won’t my condition be treated if I wait for the public health system?2020-10-23T12:00:12-06:00

There are treatment options within the public system; however, wait times in the public health system for non-urgent procedures are usually much longer than a motivated patient is willing to accept. For the patients who choose to come to Gateway for help, waiting months or even years to relieve pain and restore function is not acceptable. In most cases, we can help patients through the entire process in a matter of weeks.

Do I need a referral from my family doctor?2020-12-18T12:08:35-07:00

A referral from your family doctor or health care practitioner is not required. Contact us today and be placed on the fast track to recovery, whether you need surgery or not.

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