Private Orthopaedic Surgery with a Full Circle of Care

Gateway Surgery’s multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive support throughout the entire patient journey.

Our Circle of Care

To deliver this exclusive Circle of Care, orthopaedic surgeons receive full support from our team of physicians, physiotherapists and concierge staff.








Your private orthopaedic surgical consultation is an important first step on your journey to better health. Whether you have a diagnosis or not, you can see one of our orthopaedic surgeons to receive personalized and expert recommendations for your treatment plan.​

During your initial consultation, our orthopaedic surgeon will review your medical history, the history of your current complaint, and any relevant diagnostic imaging and past treatment that you have had. They will also assess your readiness for private surgery. Initial consultations are available in person and virtually from the comfort and safety of your own home.​

Our primary care physician can do an in-person or virtual consultation with you prior to your surgery to review your medical history and order required pre-operative bloodwork and ECG in order to ensure you are fit for surgery and to minimize the risk of complications. You may opt to do this screening with your family physician.​

In this visit you will also speak to our physiotherapist who will provide instruction on a pre-operative program to optimize your recovery and walk you through what to expect with your surgery and post-operative recovery. They will also discuss the equipment that you may use or require after your surgery to help with your recovery.​

Depending on your medical history, an anaesthesiology consult with the surgical facility or consult with internal medicine may be required. Our ​team will advise if this is necessary and will assist with these arrangements.​

Our team will assist with all of the necessary paperwork and requirements to get you booked in for surgery and are here to answer your questions throughout the process.​

On the day of the surgery, your surgeon will meet you at the facility. For many procedures you will be discharged home the same day, however some surgeries may require an overnight stay. You will be sent home with the important tools needed for your recovery such as a shoulder sling, crutches, walker, and/or ice ​machine.​

You can feel confident knowing that you have the full team to support you after your surgery to help optimize your recovery and manage any post-operative complications that may arise.​

From wound checks to rehabilitation advice we are here to help.

Although uncommon, there are times when complications occur, requiring further specialized care. In these rare events, our team is here to support you without needing to return to the facility where the out-of-province surgery took place.​

Your Gateway surgeon will follow up with you virtually or in person to monitor your progress and to guide your rehabilitation to help you improve your pain and get back to your activities sooner!​

Our physiotherapist will provide guidance on your rehabilitation program both prior to and after surgery. Physiotherapy appointments are available at our Calgary location for a standard cost or you may choose to attend physiotherapy treatment at a location of your choice. ​

“I was so very fortunate to have been connected with Dr Johnston and his staff at Gateway Surgery to help me with my double knee replacement. I had many questions to which I took to Gateway’s staff who were very quick to respond to me. They were all so very attentive and respectful in walking me through the process. Following surgery, Gateway followed up with me about my progress and checkups. I found Gateway’s Doctors and staff all very professional and would certainly return if I was ever in need of further surgeries.”

– Lorna Mjolness, Patient

We’re With You!

Our team is here to offer complete support